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Are you looking for a nice place to routinely complete support tickets and a suited-up boss to tell you what to do? We recommend you Google ‘boring IT jobs’ and get on your way.

Th[is] is us

Th[is] was founded on the belief that enterprise software can and should be better. We stand up against the blabla that is so often associated with the IT business. Our itch is using our knowledge and skills to propel our clients forward. Th[is] is a band of passionate friends. This joint passion has grown our business from four founders to where we are today. We are always looking for new faces to join our band and take ownership in their field.

Th[is] is what we love

We just love the amazing things we can achieve together. That’s why we believe in co-creation with our customers. They know their business inside out and we have the digital skills to take it to the next level. We go above and beyond to get the job done. And we expect the same commitment from our employees. We always aim for the best possible results and only implement solutions we are proud of.

Th[is] is work

Th[is] more than just a company. Th[is] is doing what feels right for our customers and ourselves. We don’t offer you a job, but a stage to get on and take ownership. We are not good at hierarchy, but we excel at delivery. Delivering exceptional work while cracking jokes about your colleagues is how we roll. We don’t expect people to fit the perfect picture, suit up or stand down. But we do challenge you to deliver outstanding work without being anyone but yourself.

Th[is] is what you do next

Still here? If you are up for th[is], say hello and tell us what you are looking for.

Th[is] is Support

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