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Th[is] is Support was born to handle open IT infrastructures differently. Our highly experienced engineers know design, implementation, and support inside out. Every day, we improve the flexibility and continuity of our customers’ business. We use custom made tools to speed up support, regenerate existing projects and create new opportunities. We just love pushing the boundaries of what we can do.

Facing the infrachallenge

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep the backbone of a business on track. Software glitches, scaling troubles, and security issues all drive your infrastructure out of control. Losing the overview leads to rising overhead costs and might eventually put your entire business at risk. Especially when sensitive customer data is at stake.

Retake your backbone

Th[is] is Support helps you to retake total control of your vital IT infrastructure. We set up a comprehensive platform to keep track of all ins and outs. And we manage that platform for you with patching, backups, and, of course, 24/7 support. Our engineers work with you to lower costs and optimize operating efficiency. We are keen to provide you with solutions that won’t lock you into long-term commitments with specific systems or suppliers.

Th[is] is what we do

Th[is] is Support partners with your team to implement the best possible solution. We consult, create and carry the project from start to finish. We’ll make sure all your data is automated securely so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

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